The Struggle Against Gender Equality

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We live in a world full of opportunities; a world where no dream is too big, except the dream of gender equality. For years the struggle against inequality has been waged, and while obvious progress has been made it seems as though in the past couple decades the war has come to a standstill. While this issue is not as evident to some people, it does not change the fact that this issue is real. It is so real that people from all walks of life are speaking out against how and why gender exclusions exist, such as former First Lady Michelle Obama, celebrity Jennifer Lawrence, author Sheryl Sandberg, and countless others. The struggle against allowing gender limitations is one that is constantly changing and not always in a good way. It is sad that amongst all the amazing achievements our world has made we still believe that our sexual orientation determines what we can achieve in life and how successful we will be.
I believe that the biggest reason that gender inequality still exists today is due to the fact the much of the population is stuck in the past. Just a few generations ago, the roles for males and females were clearly laid out. The male was to be the head of the household and provide for his family. While the man worked, the woman was expected to be the homemaker. She cooked, cleaned, and cared for the children. Some families still operate like this, and I have nothing against it, but the fact is the roles have changed. Author Sheryl Sandberg made an interesting

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