The Struggles Of Walt Disney

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Walt Disney is a man of creativity and a legend who brought forth joy and happiness to kids of all ages and adults young at heart. Disney was a hard worker and a big dreamer. He continues to inspire many to follow their dreams and to work hard for what they want to accomplish. Disney has truly earned a spot for one of the 100 most influential Americans.
Walt Disney started small with selling drawings and paintings at the age of seven to neighbors and family. His inspiration and dreams were much bigger. He first wanted to pursue a career as a newspaper artist. Then his brother Roy got him a job at an Art Studio where he met a cartoonist named Ubbe Eert Iwwerks. He began making commercials and experimenting with cameras, hand drawn animations and decided to open his own animation business. Disney never settled and kept moving forward, taking bigger steps in his career.
Like many artists, Walt Disney had his struggles through his career process. Now, because of his struggles and his motivation to move forward, he holds the record for Most Academy Awards won and a successful business that lives on. His worldwide popularity was based upon the ideals which his name represents: imagination, optimism, creation, and self-made success in the American tradition (Walt Disney a short Biography). Struggles can lead to great success later in life as long as you keep moving forward and never settle for something you know you can do better, and that’s exactly what Disney did.


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