The Success Of An Organization

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The success of an organization is highly influenced by the capabilities of the manager in charge. Managers have become the backbone of any successful company since they understand the needs of the company and can bring new ideas to upper management. Although, the manager does play a huge role in the organizations success it is also up to the organization to properly train their managers. Poor training can lead to hostile work environments as well as a lack of communication between the employees and their manager. Managers are very successful when they rely on planning,organizing,leading, and controlling the situations within an organization.
Planning is an essential process in any organization, since it starts building the …show more content…

As Mirela wrote, “How Feedback Control Impacts the Planning Management Function” “After the managers of an organization have made their plans they have to figure out how to accomplish their goals by using the resources at their disposal” (2016 p.505). For example, a manager working at a sandwich shop should study their team as well as the flow of customers coming in and out of the restaurant. It is vital for their productivity for the manager to schedule enough employees when the shop is set to be busy and for the manager to have less employees during slow times. Planning also become useful when the manager studies other locations around them. If the manager at the sandwich shop sees other locations having specials during certain hours it might be a good idea for them to try the same. The manager needs to realize that their staff is not only competing with other restaurants, but they are also competing to be within a reasonable price range of those around them. Having a plan of how to approach these types of situations can really help a restaurant run more efficiently while becoming even more profitable.
Once a manager has set their objectives and begun their planning process, they can begin to organize their ideas and goals. Organizing is such an important step in good management since it helps managers fully understand the capabilities of their employees’. Having a good grasp of which employee would be best at a specific task can save a lot of time and

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