The Swiss Education System

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The Swiss education system is federally structured, with the entire school system responsibility lying within 26 cantons or educational systems. Swiss cantons are the member states of the federal state of Switzerland. (Criblez, 2007a). Federal law as it relates to Swiss education is very limited and mainly refers to vocational education. These cantons vary according to size and number of schools. Some have 20 schools, others have more than 400 schools (educa, 2010). Each canton establishes their own laws and public school system. Many of the cantons choose to not establish and maintain kindergarten schools; but have chosen to give this responsibility to local municipalities. In these cases, the municipalities have total freedom in the decision making. In some cases, however, this freedom is limited by financial and legal stipulations, because there is not one government. The 26 cantonal ministers of education make up the political body that carries out the work. The canton-run school system is administered by the canton parliament with the government. Some of the cantons have councils of education, which are elected by the canton parliament, to perform more specific responsibilities. All cantons, however, have an education authority with various offices for different school types.
In most cantons, school inspection is being established. At the meso-level, the municipality, it is the governing body (Schulpflege or Schulkommission or Schulrat), comprising local
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