The Syrian Crisis And How We May Resolve It?

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Ulises Navarro-Santibanez Mrs. Gallos English 3 Honors 6 November 2015 What is the Syrian Crisis and how we may resolve it? The crisis in Syria began with two students who began to show defying motifs against the Syrian government, by displaying graffiti, who were later tried and executed by the Syrian government. Citizens responded with protests, which ultimately led to the military confronting them and killing protesters. With these acts of violence, a rebellion occurred in which civilians forcefully began to drive out the military from their communities. Today the violence has increased and led to many casualties, displaced families, and refugees leaving the country becoming one of the largest exoduses of the twenty first century. A…show more content…
But a programe to train and arm 5,000 Syrian rebels to take the fight to IS on the ground has suffered embarrassing setbacks” (Syria: The). This has caught the attention of neighboring countries that have political ties, such as Russia who are close allies with Syria, and have begun a proxy war by supplying the regime or rebels with weapons and financial support, however countries are not the only ones who have taken a keen interest in the prospects that a tattered political and war torn Syria have to offer. While Syria has a civil war to contend with, terrorist groups have begun to take advantage of the situation in order to further expand their reign of influence. Terrorist groups similar to the Islamic State have begun to infiltrate Syria in hopes of creating new camps and to take control of Syria as a whole. “The second factor is to recognize the fact that the real threat is not Bashar Assad but the Islamic State. “The collapse of the Assad regime would be the worst possible outcome for American interests—depriving Syria of its remaining state institutions and creating more space for the Islamic State and other extremists to spread mayhem” (How). With their involvement it has made the conflict even greater and has only increased the involvement of foreign nations. With the regime and rebels having to fight in both
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