The Theory Of Attachment With Relationship Satisfaction Among Couples, Friends, And Family Members Essay

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The theory of attachment states that there are four different types of attachments styles. These four styles include the secure, anxious or preoccupied, dismissive, and fearful avoidant styles of attachment (Karakuş, 2012). The theory of attachment in relationships often include their romantic relationships, relationship satisfaction, friendships, violence or aggression, and conflict behaviors. The idea is that we are all biologically drawn to attachment with others and we learn how to attach to them through past experiences often learned as children (Karakuş, 2012). Each style of attachment has either a positive or negative effect on our relationships with others, whether it is with our friends, family, or significant others. The purpose of this paper is to look at the different styles of attachment with relationship satisfaction among couples, friends, and family members. It will also look at the attachment styles associated with violence including sexual harassment, bullying, childhood abuse, aggression, and how these factors affect the attachment styles achieved later in life. The paper will consider the affects attachment style has on conflict behavior. Lastly, the paper will address further research questions for the future, as well as, why it’s important to answer these questions. Relationship Satisfaction and Attachment Children are most influenced by their parents’ beliefs and actions. Studies show that even as they develop into adults and eagerly seek freedom,

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