The Theory Of Knowledge Management

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1. Abstract:
Knowledge rather than capital or labour, was the only meaningful resource in a society (Drucker 1993).
World was moving from industrial to knowledge-based economy. Organizations have changed their focus from process re-engineering to achieve results into encouraging employees to implement their knowledge and expertise in achieving efficiency of business. In a rapidly changing technology landscape, knowledge sharing presents a unique challenge for businesses and enterprises. Few factors defining today’s knowledge industry:
- Knowledge is proliferated across multiple media formats
- Knowledge has become multi-platform
- Knowledge has become mobile
The increase in content and knowledge posed a challenge for organizations to
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It was launched in 2012, with an aim to increase information sharing and virtual knowledge in workplace.
Bloomfire organizes knowledge & expertise to connect people who have knowledge to people who need it. It deals with knowledge capture, learning management, Content management, social networks, social business and cloud file sharing.
Bloomfire integrates social learning tool to connect employees with the knowledge they need to complete the job. Employees can engage with content in social environment. It also simplifies knowledge management for customer support and sales enablement.
Customer Support: It gives clients, managers and reps immediate access to documentation and answers they need. It reduces time to resolution, increase customer satisfaction and increase employee efficiency.
Sales Enablement: Sales teams can easily access answers, best practices and marketing material in fingertips. This results in reduce in search time and increase in time to work on bottom line. This makes sales teams and partners close more deals faster.
2.1. Features:
It is all about sharing information and knowledge with employees and co-workers. The five main features of Bloomfire are – Simplicity, content curation, content creation, people and analytics.
Content Creation:
There are four different types of user roles in Bloomfire – Owners, Admins, Authors and Learners.
Owners & admins - Have access to everything including analytics, user management and other
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