The Theory Of Psychology And Psychology

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Throughout long history of psychology, there are many brilliant and remarkable psychologists who grew psychology longing as 21st century, today. They have contributed many theories, ideas, and experiments that made study of human mind and behavior much more noble and interesting. As psychology grow older and older, there are many different types of branches that were created, such as psychoanalysis, behavior, cognitive, evolutionary, and developmental. Each branches have changed way society works and people think and behave. However, fact that psychology falls into science and philosophy, many psychologist still have more things to discover and learn. Also, fact that people change every day, years, decades, and centuries, it is never ending work for current and future generations. As mentioned above, future generation psychologists are children that we see them on the street playing basketball, playing games on their iPad or iPhone, or not even born yet. As current psychologists have knowledges from past child and developmental psychologists, it is important to utilize those knowledges to guide next generations to better future. Even though there are many child and developmental psychologists to mention, psychologists Diana Baumrind, Henry Harlow, Kenneth Clark, and Mamie Clark are chosen psychologist for this essay. They are chosen to describe and explained on this essay, because Baumrind’s parenting style, Harlow’s important elements for children, and Clark couple’s

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