The Toronto Sun and Caribana: Case Study

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The Toronto Sun and Caribana:

Case Study

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Sir Francis Arroyo

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Rizalina Bernardo

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Situational Problem

Samantha Morrison has a problem but it is clearly not her ability or capability to deliver a good performance because of background experience on numerous earned work opportunities. Where she is a very passionately active from her youth and college days that she constantly promote herself involve in various activities, projects and gained job experience on elaborate skill tasks which qualifies her to the employee position in the Toronto Sun promoting department. She feels pressure on taking on a big project.

The problem does
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Getting the approved list of vendors from the advertising department and depending on them the. The problem: (4 hours) the decorative design element depends on them so it is crucial of the listing.

The recruitment of volunteers through office-wide email invitations, request the design department draft for the float that will need approval from Presso and the design of t-shirts for the volunteers which needs approval from Presso and Mark Print (Vice President of advertising) after receiving their RSVPs.

The problem: the volunteer's response will be 3 weeks approximately to be confirming as a participating volunteer during the parade. Thus, the time requirement, like of waiting the response of the volunteer of their preferred sizes on the shirts (2 to 3 days), getting the need approval of Presso and Mark Print will take up to (5 days), and if the design are approved it will be forwarded on order to the production firm of Custom Press when the design of the shirts are approved already (7 business days).

Shipping of t-shirts. The problem: the regular shipping service would be shipped and receive on (2-3 days) following the printing but using the method of an additional fee of $25 the process can be expedited and guaranteed shipment within (1 day). But the difficulty is the budget proposal available of Toronto Sun to
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