The Toyota Motor Corporation

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Human resources play an important role in an organization’s success that pertains to more than just payroll and yearly open enrollment for benefits. Human resources also helps establish and maintain the company’s corporate image, ensures employee satisfaction, and is highly involved in conflict resolution. While these aspects are only a few, it is plain to see that the human resources department can literally make or destroy an organization. The following session six research paper will be conducted on the Toyota Motor Corporation. The history of Toyota dates back to the year of 1933, when the company was better known for the production of automatic weaving looms rather than automobiles. The inventor, Kilchiro Toyoda, became interested…show more content…
Lastly, the research paper will entail how human resources have handled recent major recalls. The most notable and recent recall of the company involves a faulty gas pedal problem that has resulted in the death of numerous individuals. The company has had to pay a large settlement to resolve this situation. The research conducted will examine whether human resources took the necessary steps for an effective resolution and offer personal recommendations. Culture The culture of the Toyota Motor Corporation is one that has been imitated and duplicated by many other organizations. When Kilchiro Toyoda invented the company he understood that the success of the organization would ultimately be produced by the employees that provide the service. This is the reason why Toyota’s manufacturing operations are considered extremely lean. When the automobiles enter the market, they are introduced on time and on a budget that is passed on to the customers. The culture atmosphere within the organization of Toyota exudes a strong team spirit. The team spirit atmosphere allows employees from every rank to introduce changes or suggestions. The diversified approach also introduces new ideas that catapults the organization as the frontier in the automotive industry. The organization also is known to recruit and hire the smartest and brightest employees. The
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