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Genesee Community College Batavia NY Case #1 Eric J Villalobos BUS 214 Mrs. Paisley Case #1 - TO PAY OR NOT TO PAY? Toyota A. 65 years ago , in 1937 , Toyota Motor Corporation was founded first as a subsidiary of Toyota Automatic Works, one of the largest manufacturers of knitting machines led by the "King of Inventions " Sakichi Toyoda . To date , Toyota is the second largest automaker in units sold and net sales. It is by far the largest Japanese car manufacturer , producing more than 4.5 million vehicles per year , equivalent to one every six seconds. But like any company , on the way there have been painful events . In 1950 Toyota suffered its first and only strike. Workers and direction out of this situation with …show more content…

According to statistics, as Toyota is leading brand with more residual value. This is due to its quality and great product that creates this great company. According to Kelley Blue Book (KBB), a company specialized in following the value of cars, said that Toyota is the brand that has resale value between consumer vehicles. For these reasons confirmed that if Toyota pays that much debt, they going to lost a percent of consumers, but they will come and retrieve, because their product has

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