The Tragedy That Occurred At Lac Megantic

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The tragedy that occurred at Lac-Megantic in 2013 present several challenges to the rail industry. In order to prevent another incident like this from occurring within the company, management needs to ensure that the best individuals are chosen for employment and that they receive sufficient training and development to work effectively and efficiently. The primary responsibilities of a locomotive engineer involve traffic control, proper communication and inspection and operations of trains. As this technical position is likely to move to a team-based system in the future, the desire for an efficient standardized personnel system increases. After a thorough job analysis is conducted, I recommend that this new system includes efficient…show more content…
Other channels such as professional recruiters and Internet sources are acceptable as well.
Once an applicant pool has been created, HR personnel can begin the selection process. Ideal screening devices have fairly high validity for predicting job performance and therefore those with moderate to high validity should be included in the new personnel selection system (Carlson, 2002). Initial screening devices would include application forms, resumes and biodata. Research by De Graaff and Ravenstein (2001) supports the recruitment of new engineers who possess some competencies in the humanities and social sciences subjects, strategic thinking, emotional and social intelligence. Therefore, applicants with education or related experience in these fields should be preferred. Furthermore, management needs to ensure that the persons we hire have both person-job and person-organization fit (Kelloway 2011). These two fits influence the attitudes, decisions, behaviours of employees in their work environment (Kristof-Brown, 2005). In other words, internal factors such as strategic goals are an important consideration in the recruitment process (Kelloway, 2011). Seeing as how the organizational culture encourages corporate social responsibility among employees, applicants with previous community service experience will be preferred in the screening process. HR personnel will
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