The Two Most Important Social Roles Of A Mother And College Students

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1. The two most important social roles that I play are the ones of a mother and a college student. I believe that because of my age and because I play both of these roles combined, people have mixed perceptions of me. Some of those people are baffled, and some of those people actually admire me because of it. These attitudes often come out in the same phrase: “I don’t know how you do it.” It is the tone in their voice and the look on their face that gives me the impression of how they view me. However, the only people whose perceptions I take to heart are my particular others- my daughter, my friends, and my family. 2. I definitely communicate differently in these roles, though there are similarities in each. I am very conscious of how I want to come across to both my teachers and my daughter. I communicate professionally and politely with my professors out of respect and the desire to be perceived as a dedicated and courteous student. I communicate respectfully with my daughter, but I am also an authoritative figure in her life as well as a guide. When I communicate with her, I make sure my message is getting across by choosing my words more carefully. A toddler’s capacity to understand messages, meanings, and lessons is not as an adult’s. I also make sure that I am not harsh when I reprimand her, because harshness acts as noise when interacting with a child. I rather make sure she understands me and how her words and actions affect others. 3. I have never been

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