The Voices Of Saudi Women

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Restatement of purpose
The purpose of this study is twofold. First, this study seeks to be attuned to the voices of Saudi women leaders in the USA. Second, this study seeks to highlight their success factors, practices, and barriers that are hindering Saudi women’s progression into leadership roles and affecting their gender perceptions.
Research Design
A research methodology is the plan and structure of investigation to obtain answers to research questions (Kothari, 2005). To collect data in this study, a qualitative research / Narrative inquiry approach will be used. What “narrative researchers hold in common is the study of stories or narratives or descriptions of a series of events” (Pinnegar & Daynes, 2007, p. 4).
This study is will select seven to ten Saudi women who have been living in the USA for at least four years and their ages (30-60). By using interviews, the study will explore the experiences of three Saudi women living in the USA. Two types of purposeful sampling will be used: convenience and snowball (Creswell, 2008, 2009). They will be selected using a convenience/ snowball qualitative sampling. For convenience sampling, participants were willing and available to share their lived stories (Creswell, 2008). For snowball sampling, the participants from the convenience sampling will receive an email to recommend other participants for the study. The participants will be listed in a table that has more information about them.

Data Collection/

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