Theoretical Approaches To Health Behavior

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This paper will focus on theoretical approaches to health behaviors. When looking at behaviors in theory, it is important to understand what is actually possible then what realistically may be true. This paper will Identify a health behavior issue targeting a specific population and its goals in the program. Next, the paper will identify a health behavior model and/or theory to examine specific issues. Finally, this paper will include how the given model and/or theory focus on the issue and facilitating the behavior health change in the selected population within the target population.
A health behavior issue that needs to be addressed is developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. According to "The American Institute Of Stress" (n.d.), stress has different effects on everyone, but it is how we respond to it that makes all the difference. Nowadays people are effected by stress which has been known to cause a wide range of health and medical problems. The "World Health Organization" (2015) identifies health and wellness as …show more content…

Without effective communication the behavior would most likely continue because of not receiving the message that was intended. The Integrated Behavioral Model is a person-centered model because it focuses on the needs of the individual (Glanz, 2008). In the case of promoting health and wellness in youth clear, communication is necessary to keep the youth interested in making the change. The researcher will have communicate by listening, directing, guiding, and/or using all of the skills together (Rollnick, Miller, & Butler,2008). Communication styles and skills if used correctly can help the youth to understand the change in the behavior. Secondly, communication when using an approach such as Motivational Interviewing serves to empower and understand the youth's motivation to

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