Tina Case Study Essay

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Tina's present state of health, combined with her lifestyle choices, and hereditary factors, place her at a significantly great risk for developing Cardiovascular Disease, Coronary Artery Disease. Tina is obese with a BMI of 31, her blood pressure is bordering the danger zone for someone her age. Tina also has Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, an addition risk factor that contributes to the development of Cardiovascular Disease. Even when the blood glucose levels are well controlled, research reveals, at least 68% of individuals age 65 and older with Diabetes Mellitus will die of some form of Cardiovascular Disease and 16% die of Cerebral Vascular Accidents (AHA, 2016). Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is generally considered a modifiable risk factor. The modification of nutritional habits, exercise, and losing weight can often eliminate the body's inability to produce adequate amounts of insulin (AHA, 2016).

Tina does not regularly monitor her blood sugars, and has stopped taking Metformin the medication that stimulates the pancreas to make more insulin. Tina's present condition of uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus, manifested by a blood glucose level of 238, combined with her poor dietary habits, and sedimentary lifestyle
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Tina rates her pain at a 7/10 on the verbal pain scale. This a critical finding because, Tina is s diabetic and her symptoms are consistent with the characteristics of an infection. As a diabetic Tina is at a greater risk for infection, slow wound healing and can lead to the need for amputation of the limb (Brunner & Suddarth, 2012). Tina’s non-compliance with the Diabetes medication (Metformin), poor nutritional status (BMI 31), and poor health maintenance, combined with her family history, gender, and increasing age place Tina at significantly higher risks for developing
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