Topics Involving Employment For Women, Women 's Rights, And Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault

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The individual that I chose to interview on topics involving employment for women, women 's rights, and domestic violence/sexual assault was Pam Polm. Pam was born on December 15, 1953 at Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield, CA. Pam is the oldest of two siblings, having two younger brothers. Growing up, both of her parents worked, her mother working on and off at certain times throughout her childhood. She got married in 1972 to her husband Dennis and is still happily married to him today. Together, she and her husband have two sons. Pam obtained a high school degree from North High School and went on to take several classes at Bakersfield College. While attending Bakersfield College she took courses in accounting, word processing and other courses related to her job. Pam was fifteen years old when she got her first job working in a potato shed in Wasco, CA for the summer. Currently, Pam works as an Account Clerk 2 for the Rosedale Union School District. One of the first topics I asked Pam about was on employment for women and how it has changed since she was a young girl to present day. Growing up often times women were seen as the homemaker and the men as the sole provider. Pam acknowledged that sentiment when she couldn 't recall a time when she was growing up where women were working in male dominant positions. This led to the discussion of the wage gap between men and women who work in similar fields. Pam 's view on the wage gap was that if both men and women have the…
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