Training, Learning And Development

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An Organization put efforts to help their employees to learn new skills, abilities and knowledge related to their job to motivate and meet with organization strategy. Also, in Swift Current company they provide training to their employees on basis of their analysis what they need, for example if there is a department who is struggling with team work, Then HR department Watch the team and asses how they are dealing with things. Then, by interviewing with employees they determine what needs to be fixed. Sometimes, HR manager of company take help from internal sources to find out required training to enhance organization need. Further, willingness of employees for training is also important because without their involvement results will not be satisfactory. This organization use different factors to influence their employees for training like different pay scale, based on their qualification of employees. Succession planning is another factor by which an employee cannot be considered eligible for a particular job until he/she enrolled in training related to that job. They encourage the employee to participate in training who is not team player and take some suggestion. although , employee decision matters if they want to participate in training. After training, organization prepare employee for their future careers by means of employee development which involves job experience, relationships and personality assessment. After completing…
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