Traits And Characteristics Of An Effective Leader

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Traits and Characteristics of a Good Leader A trait is a distinguishing quality or characteristic (Trait, n.d.). Businesses spend around $1,228 per employee on learning and development. Forty-four percent of businesses believe they will be increasing the amount of money spent on leadership development (The 10 defining traits of an amazing leader, n.d.). Could they save money if research could determine what traits and characteristics are imperative for a good and effective leader?
This paper will cover the traits and characteristics of a good leader. First, I will examine what a leadership is and why it is important. Then, I will explain the traits, characteristics, and qualities of a good and effective leader. Finally, I will analyze what traits, characteristics, and qualities a bad and ineffective leader have. By the end of this paper, it should be clear what traits and characteristics to improve on to become a good and effective leader.

Literature Review
Johnson and Hill (2009) and Cascio (2016) both defined leadership in their research. Though, each had different views on how to define it. Most authors did not have their own definition of leadership. Also, Johnson and Hill (2009) focused their research on leadership within a military environment.
Cascio (2016) and Xu, Yu, and Shi (2011) both researched the Big Five Personality Dimensions and their relation to leadership. Cascio (2016) compared the Big Five Personality Dimensions and the leader who was in a
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