Tuberculosis : A Clear And Present Danger By Lowth Essay

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For thousands of years’ tuberculosis, has been a continuous epidemic. The disease itself continually finds way to become resistant to the drugs found to fight against it. Mainly affecting developing countries, and those with less access to health care the infection continues to be a clear and present danger. Educating the people on tuberculosis and the way to prevent it, along with the risks factors associated with the disease may help save many lives. The vaccine needs to be more readily available to make sure the people are protected. This paper explains the basics of tuberculosis along with its risk factors, prevalence, assessment, and prevention techniques centered around the global aspect of this disease. Within the paper there are two journal articles along with other internet sources that will more thoroughly explain what tuberculosis is, how to prevent it, and how to treat it. The first article Tuberculosis: a clear and present danger by Lowth (2016) essentially summarizes everything there is to know about tuberculosis including the risks and symptoms of the infection. While the other article Tuberculosis: Which drug regimen and when by Hall, J., &Elliot, C (2015) focuses on the treatment of the two different types of Tuberculosis along with the interventions and complication involved.
Background of Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is tied with HIV for the number one

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