Unit 334 Support children and young peoples Health and Safety

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334 Support children and young peoples Health and Safety

When planning indoor lessons what health and safety factors do you need to take into account? What do you need to take into account when planning for outdoors?

When planning an indoor lesson you need to take into account various health and safety factors. These will be that the room you will be taking the lesson in has enough space for the amount of students in the lesson. Students and staff should be able to move around the room without causing any problems for others and be able to locate all necessary materials and any equipment that is needed for the lesson. The lighting in the room needs to be enough that in all areas of the room students have adequate light
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Staff are informed of all procedures needed to be followed if they discover a problem – there are forms to fill in on the VLE for reporting a risk or a hazard and also a flow chart to show what member of staff issues should be reported to.

Awareness of risks and hazards – visitors
All visitors must be signed in and issued with a visitors badge. They will then be collected from the main reception area and escorted to where they are due to be. Visitors are not normally left by themselves so will have a member of staff with them who will know what to do in the case of and issues. If they do come across a problem they will be told to let the person they are visiting know about it.

Describe the guidance you need to refer to when planning healthy, safe environments and services.

When planning healthy, safe environments and services you need to –
• Report any hazards – all persons on the school premises should be aware of any hazards which may cause harm. A yearly risk assessment is carried out which will outline which areas and activities of the school are more hazardous, detailed hazards and who may be at risk. Pupils and all staff need to report hazards they come across straight away to the correct person. Everyone should know who the person is who Health
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