Unit 4222 211 - Provide Support to Mobility

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Unit 4222-211 Provide Support for Mobility

Outcome 1 Question 1

Mobility means being able to move or be moved freely. Individuals with disabilities or deformities may have restricted mobility as some parts of their body may not being able to move freely

Outcome 1 Question 2

Many health conditions can affect mobility, from physical deformities to neurological conditions (ie Multiple Sclerosis). Somebody that is unable to physically move their arms or legs due an disability (such as juvenile arthritis) will have restricted mobility, where they may not be able to carry out day to day tasks and may need assistance. Multiple Sclerosis can affect a number of functions that would ultimately affect mobility, changes in vision could make it …show more content…

Outcome 2 Question 4

Before using mobility equipment and/or appliances it is important to visually check that the equipment is safe and clean. Mobility equipment is serviced and inspected regularly by qualified individuals but it is still important to carry out visual checks yourself just in case there is damage to the equipment. It is important that mobility equipment and/or appliances is clean before every use as

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