University Eye Clinic: A Case Study

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Power, Empowerment and Change is a critical factor in the success of any organization, whether the organization is private or a public agency. These factors are always important to explore. I am currently placed at University Eye Clinic (UEC), which is a specialized eye clinic that primarily serves people with low vision and head trauma. For the past week, I was exploring the ideas and structure behind power, empowerment, and change and I found that within this organization, the power structure is demonstrated through the various departments such as Vice President office, Clinical Administration, The College of Optometry, and Social Services. Whereas, the power structure outside UEC are governed strictly by the State University of New York Board of Trustees, The Department of Health, and National Association of Social Workers (NASW). …show more content…

Empowerment …show more content…

It is often used to illustrate a selected progression of steps, required actions, and theories employed in a program to achieve specific goals” (Weil, 150). To address power differential at UEC brings awareness to ethical standards and procedures in patient care and research that are conducted within the organization. In oder to influences the organization outside is by engaging in prevention methods through educating patients in the community about their vision and services at UEC offers.
Power, empowerment and change is a key foundation in an organization. It brings forth the awareness of ways to improve the organization and the space for staff, and patients to have an input in their care. UEC is an organization that explores these

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