Urban Decay : A New Standard Of Beauty

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Another Vice Urban Decay, not only a makeup line but a new standard of beauty. Well known for their show stopping makeup and worldwide fame, Urban Decay is known for setting themselves to be above and beyond competitors. The literal definition of beauty is; “the quality of being physically attractive. The qualities in a person or a thing that give pleasure to the senses or the mind.” Urban Decay’s products are the definition of beauty, their products are outstanding and one of a kind, and brings pleasure to those who choose to wear it. Urban Decay is a daring brand and makes it known that they do not want to be considered basic, as demonstrated in their most recent advertisement in cosmopolitan staring Ruby Rose. The advertisement …show more content…

Within the past few years, Ruby Rose has sprung out of nowhere and became famous rather quickly. She is seen as a sex icon in today’s world, she is gorgeous in every aspect. All though she is a lesbian, men still want to be with her and women wish to be here. A common saying amongst women today is “if I were gay, I would get with Ruby Rose.” Individuals of different genders, races, ages, and sexual preferences, everyone wants a piece of Ruby Rose. She is daring and beautiful person, who is unique just like the brand that she represents in this advertisement. Every aspect of this advertisement screams sexy and daring! But the main focus throughout this advertisement is Ruby Rose’s tattoos, she is covered in them. Urban decay does not even bother covering up her tattoos, they embrace them. Her most prominent tattoo that is being shown says “The Thorn”, all though a rose is beautiful it will always have its thorns. Ruby Rose has her thorns, which is her daring attitude, it is what is different and sticks out about her. Her beauty is simple but yet daring, just like an actual rose they are beautiful but their thorns make them daring. You associate thorns with roses just as you associate Ruby Rose with her not giving a shit attitude. The rest of Ruby Rose’s tattoos are somewhat blurred out to where it is hard to see exactly what they are. Urban Decay wants the audience to focus on her “The Thorn” tattoo

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