Urinary Tract Infection Essay

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Urinary Tract Infection
The urinary tract is the body’s is a filtration system that makes sure nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream and toxins are rejected as waste and come out in liquid form through the bladder and urethra. Any substance unrecognized by this system such as bacteria can cause an infection in this tract system in the body known as urinary tract infection (UTI).
The urinary system is made up of the kidneys, the ureters, bladder and urethra. The kidneys take nutrients from liquids that are nurturing to the body. Bladder is like an overflow that holds urine waiting to be released. The urethra is the tubes that extend from the bladder through to the end of the penis or vagina. Lastly, the ureters are tubes that …show more content…

Other reasons for infection could be having other medical issues such as prostate inflammation in men, or having a disease like AIDS, which depresses the immune system to fight off bacteria in the body. When people have a catheter put in, there could also be a high risk of infection to occur. Additional cause of UTI could be internal as well. If E. coli in the colon seeps its way into the urinary tract, an infection is sure to follow (Urinary Tract Infection-Cancer Symptoms, chemotherapy & Chemo Side Effects, 2005).
There are many symptoms we can be made aware of by self-examination. A common symptom is an overwhelming burning sensation while urinating. Cloudy or bloody urine, along with abnormal frequency, is another symptom. A foul smell can be associated also with the infection. Feeling tired or sluggish with a slight fever marks an unusual bodily occurrence and should be looked at. Someone who is older could experience only uneasiness due to age. Lower back pain and abdomen is a sign of infection. If any of these symptoms occur, a person should consult a physician immediately (Zieve, 2011).
There are ways to prevent a UTI without having to change a normal lifestyle. Eating a healthy diet, including fresh fruits and vegetables instead of high intake of sugar and fats, is a great way to remain infection free. Drinking juices instead of man-made sodas with

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