Using Compact And High Performance Wireless Communication Systems

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Chapter 1

The patch antenna plays a very important role in today’s world of wireless communication systems .There is always a large demand for high performance ,small size and low cost wireless communication systems .in order to get these requirements ,planar patch antenna is preferred because of their various advantages such as light weight ,low volume ,low cost and ease for fabrication .although the microstrip patch antenna has various advantages it has various disadvantages which are low gain ,narrow bandwidth and low efficiency .These disadvantages can be overcome by constructing many patch antennas in array configuration. Recently there has been increasing demand in the use of DGSs for performance enhancement of microstrip patch antennas and planar array antennas .there are basically two types of structures which are used for the design of compact and high performance wireless communication systems named as defected ground structures (DGS) and electromagnetic band-gap structures (EBG) which is also known as photonic band-gap structure(PBG). These structures have been used to obtain the functions such as unwanted frequency rejection and circuit size reduction. Recently defected ground structures have been introduced; DGSs are realized by simply etching off simple shape (called as defect) from the ground plane .Depending upon the shape and the dimensions of the defects ,the current distribution in the ground plane is disturbed and resulting in a controlled

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