Using Internet Sites With Sixth Graders

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Using Internet Sites with Seventh Graders My idea for having my seventh graders do a research project came from the session of my Walsh University class in which we were given the assignment of researching information on anything we were interested in with our electronic devices. This sparked an idea: How much more interested could my students be, than being given the opportunity to select their own topic to research? I knew I would be able to let them do their research at school on chromebooks, as we are fortunate enough in my building to have six carts which each contain thirty chromebooks. I knew I would have enough time for them to do this project, as you will see in the next paragraph. I have a group of students at my school that is in a “gifted program” which means those students get pulled from my room every day to go to an eighth grade reading class. I can’t teach the remaining students math, because some of the students are not in the gifted math class, they have me for math, but they are not in my room during the time I am currently discussing, as they are in the gifted reading class. That leaves me with the task of finding something meaningful to do with a group of eleven students for thirty to fifty minutes for four days each week. We fill the time playing math games, reading novels, watching an occasional movie, comparing a novel to a movie, solving puzzles, etc. We fill the time with basically anything that we can do that they will be interested
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