Using Online Social Media As An Effective Tool For Recruitment Essay

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In addition to advertising in a local newspaper, we plan to find qualified applicants by expanding our recruiting efforts through the use of online social media. This active approach will improve our search for a future assistant manager because it will allow us to target a variety of eligible candidates who possess the management skills and experience we require. Furthermore, we will save time and money by using this process.
Social media is increasingly being recognized as an effective tool for recruitment, so we are confident that these networks will provide us with success in finding capable individuals to apply for the assistant manager position. According to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, social media is a growing recruitment strategy with 84% of organizations actively using it. Additionally, Facebook and LinkedIn are accessed most frequently by employers compared to other media platforms. (Society for Human Resource Management, 2016). To summarize, companies are seeing an advantage in their respected industry because they are able to extract top performers from sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. These two social networks offer intimate details and job skills via bios, statuses, and various affiliations. Candidates are then refined to meet expectations for certain jobs. The position we are seeking to hire calls for some customer service experience along with leadership and interpersonal skills, and these details can be discovered

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