Using Qualitative Research Methods For Teaching And Learning Research

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Focus group interviews are a common process for putting together collecting qualitative data (Morgan 1996; Krueger & Casey, 2000; Bloor et al., 2001). Krueger & Casey (2000) commented that focus group interviews are focussed on making a group with particular qualities provide qualitative data related to the research topic in an environment that is comfortable, under the supervision of a facilitator and through group discussions. To put it another way, a focus group is a special group with a particular target, in a specific composition, and required to complete a certain process Krueger & Casey (2000). Morgan (1997) also pointed out that the uses of focus group interview can be identifies into 3 categories 1. It can be employed on its own as an independent research method. 2. It can be an auxiliary research method used to support quantitative studies as a data source and or a system of continuous investigations. 3. It can be one of several methods used in research.
Using qualitative research methodologies for teaching and learning research can supply informative views into student ideas of the learning environment. Stewart, Shamdasani & Rook (2007) felt that by understanding the physical, temporal, social, cultural, psychological, and environmental influences on the dynamics of group behaviour, supported researchers in being able to recognise the nature and amount of bias in analysis and interpretation of focus group data. When beginning pedagogic research the relevant…

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