Using The Personal Task Management Software On Computers And / Or Smartphones

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1. Background & Rationale

In contemporary society, many people are overwhelmed by the number of tasks that need to be accomplished [1], this tasks are of different types, ranging from daily based such as meetings at work, and non-daily based buying groceries after work. To help ourselves to remember these tasks, basic practices are to take notes on the paper based day planners or post-it and to use the personal task management software on computers and/or smartphones. As smartphones are used as an alternatives to personal computers, taking notes on smartphones is getting more and more popular [1].
Similar to programs on a personal computer, applications can downloaded and installed on a smartphone. Similar to a personal computer there exists a wide selection of proprietary and open source mobile operating system platforms, out of these smartphone operating systems, the most prominent ones being Apples iOS, Googles Android, Symbian from Symbian foundation, RIM blackberry OS and Windows mobile from Microsoft [2].
This project focuses on developing a mobile application, Locale Reminder for Google’s Android operating system. Majority of smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola and HTC have adopted Android as operating system for their products. As indicated by App Brain statistics, there are more than 1.4 million applications accessible as of November 2014, of which more than 1.2 million are free and more than 0.2 million are paid. On July 24, 2013 Google declared
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