Video Game Addiction Is A Modern Day Psychological Disorder

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I’m glad that my childhood was spent bruising the football with a kick or smashing the tennis ball with a hit rather than virtually engaged in bloodshed .Sometimes it occurs to me that now-a-days if a mother ask her son to play outside , he would probably carry his laptop out there and play games therein. Yes, one would readily agree to the current scenario of increasing teenagers falling into the prey of gaming addiction. Sometimes I ponder if the same excitement, the same joy is inherited by their minds on slitting his virtual enemy’s throat, which we derived by scoring a goal or hitting a six in midst of the heat of the game. Video games are a common entertainment tool among today’s children. Gaming has grown into a lucrative industry that attracts billions of children and adults seeking for the thrill and action that comes with playing a game either online, on a handheld device or on the television. Video game addiction is a modern-day psychological disorder that is becoming more and more popular and thus more and more a problem. Video games addiction is increasingly taking toll over young people, teens, young adults and even older adults and as a result individuals is suffering from want for important priorities such as caring for themselves, performing school or homework or socializing with others. Some studies suggest that gaming is absolutely taking over the minds of children all together.
Gaming can turn into an addiction when it turns out to be an individual’s…

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