Virtual Team Advantages And Disadvantages

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Many scholars have agreed with the assertions that teams are an essential part of any organization. The concept of virtual teams had emerged during the 1990's and since then the concept has greatly evolved. Today, companies create teams of individuals from different diverse backgrounds to meet the wants of their customers. As today's business environments are dynamic and competitive, collaboration has become an important aspect to companies, as it helps businesses to adapt and succeed. Due to the fast paced growth of new technologies, many companies have started the use of virtual teams. Virtual teams are a benefit to companies, however their usefulness, are depended to the extent of the members capabilities in the team. This essay would go through the several benefits and drawbacks of using a virtual team. This essay would also cover different aspects and criteria required for the selection of members in a virtual team.
The advantages and disadvantages of using a virtual team
There are several key difference between a traditional team and a virtual team. In a traditional team, communication is continuous, members coordinate, accommodate and work together. In an virtual team, the communication between team members is asynchronous, members work in different locations and require less monitoring. The government has considered the option of using a virtual team to review the great barrier reef program. Virtual teams provides several benefits such as flexibility, High responsiveness and cost reduction.
Using a virtual team for this project would eliminate several physical team meetings. The time taken to travel to these meetings could be used in other productive activities and the cost incurred in traveling could be saved up. As members would have more time, they would also have a better work life balance.
Virtual teams removes the geographical barriers and improve diversity as Individuals from different countries and backgrounds can be included in the virtual team. People with disabilities and parents with children could also be included in the team. As the team can include members beyond the geographical borders of the country, members from
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