War Bonds

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During World War II, the United States government published various propaganda posters to help build national pride and gain American’s support to the war effort. One theme that the government focused on was persuading people to purchase war bonds in efforts to “remove money from circulation and reduce inflammation” (U.S War Bonds). When Americans invested in the war effort by purchasing the bonds, the value of them would increase over time. War bonds were a voluntary loan made by everyday Americans on the home front to the government in order to help fund the war and protect the nation’s security. They were seen as a moral act of patriotism. The three posters from above portray the message of buying war bonds during World War II. The authors of these propaganda posters used words and images to provoke the feelings of bravery, sacrifice, and commitment when persuading Americans to purchase war bonds in order to help…show more content…
The use of the image and words really show how every American should be able to purchase war bonds to support funding in the war. The top slogan of “I gave a man!” represents how the woman did her part of sacrificing her husband to the war. She appears as worried and lonely, or as if she is already a widowed wife raising two children. It shows how she needs the father and husband to return back to home to help out with the family. The words and the image make people want to buy war bonds to help fund the war because it is everyday families that are struggling on their own. Since there are so many Americans involved with World War II, a majority of the people are bound to know at least one family that is in the same position as the woman on the poster. The sacrifice she had made and the commitment to her family illustrates to people that they only have a small responsibility compared to her and that is to give only 10% of their pay to war
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