Warm Body Hiring

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Does Warm Body Hiring Create More Problems Than Solutions? All too often, many companies or industries may be in an unfortunate position which includes the requirement to quickly fill the demand of employees; this instance is known as “warm body hiring.” “ The Harvard Business Review points out that as much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions” (Russell). These toxic workers have a higher impact than the superstar employees that are highly sought after by employers. In these occurrences of short sighted hiring choices, they oftentimes do not end in success. Not only does it not solve the problem at hand, but it causes additional issues. These issues include wasting vital time, the loss of costs included in recruiting…show more content…
The company must make sure to hire a third party that specializes in the hiring process. The third party must do their homework for the company and know the necessary knowledge, experience, abilities, and skills to optimize their work for the company. Using a third party hiring system will help keep the company’s best interest in mind, and taking the right steps to follow through with them. This process should start with the first thing the candidate lays his/her eyes on: the advertisement. Writing a compelling advertisement, showing the skills and characteristics necessary for the job, and showing a exclusive want for the candidate. The hiring process should not be done with one interview. To find the right employee, it will take time. It will be better off for the company if they take the time in the hiring process, rather than wasting time after the process back in much larger desperation than previously. Once a background check has been taken into action, and they ask the right questions, with the help of other hiring agents, then the final decision should be made to decide whether or not the candidate is the best for the job. They should also do a “test run” day before hiring the candidate to observe whether or not the candidate works collaboratively with their potential…show more content…
The problem of warm body hiring is a matter that almost anyone can relate to. It is a very relevant issue that is very prominent in today’s workforce. Hiring the wrong person can make a thriving company end up crashing and burning in a big mess of toxic employees. The problem of employee shortages can be simply solved, with the right amount of work put into the matter. If the company tries to solve the issue with shortcuts, and temporary solutions, then the problem will only get worse, along with dragging many other unmanageable issues along with it. Some of these issues can put a company into serious debt, and also leave the company with a severe case of a poor reputation. In a bigger picture, if we do not solve this issue the first time, it can affect the economy as well, in terms of deb and also
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