Web Architecture And Components : Questions Answers

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Web architecture and components Questions Answers Examples What is an Internet Service Provider (ISP)? The Internet Service Provider is the organisation that provides internet access (Broadband) to customers of a fee depending on what they want. The cost will depend on the usage data, the speed and the package they want. Internet Service Providers will also provide Internet access to other organisations. An example Barclays bank, they have got a internet router, allowing customers in the branch to access the internet. Virgin Media, BT, Sky What is the Web hosting service? Web hosting service is online service which allows organisations to make their website visible through the World Wide Web. Web hosting services will…show more content…
The domain name usually identifies the IP addresses which make up the website. Organisations will need to have a Domain name which is easy to remember and type. Domain name registrars will usually charge a fee depending on the name. Top Level Domain (TLD): Each domain has a suffix which indicates the category of the organisation. There are different categories. The Top Level Domain name will be given after the organisation is examines. The Top Level Domain will indicate the type of organisations it is. Making it easier for the customer, client to see what exactly the website offers. Below is a list of suffixes; - gov. Government agencies - mil. Military - ca. Canada - org. Organisations - com. Commercial business - th. Thailand - edu. Educational Institutions - net. Network organisations What is the internet? Breakdown of the word ‘Internet’ would be Inter- Connected computer networks. The internet is made up of millions of computers connected together. There is only one network. The Internet is a global computer network that provides information and other facilities to people all around the world through protocols. The Internet could be accesses from different devices via different networks. The Internet is used daily in people’s lives. At school; for educational purposes, at work; access to client profile and other resources, universities; researching facilities and at home. The internet consists of different facilities, such
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