Wegmans Culture Essay

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Assignment #7 Case #1 1. I would definitely characterize Wegmans’ culture as very strong. Unlike other grocery store chains where people are there just for a job, it seems as though Wegmans has created a culture where the employees are highly valued and they all share a passion for food. This shared interest in food is a characteristic that bonds all employees and keeps variance within the company low. However, this strong culture may make it difficult for prospective employees and new trainees. For one, it means that hiring managers are looking for very specific traits in their candidates and may make it difficult to be hired in the first place. If a candidate happens to pass the qualifications, the closeness of current employees may make it a little daunting to find a place to fit in. Lastly, because the company offers such great benefits to their employees, many people do not wish to…show more content…
Stories and rituals play a large role in maintaining Wegmans corporate culture. For one, Danny Wegman takes Wegmans tradition of taking care of its employees very seriously, and strives even today in order to make sure this ritual does not disappear. Second, word of mouth plays a very important part as to why Wegmans is looked so highly upon. When the majority of their employees are happy to work at Wegmans, they will let others know about it. It is these types of stories that directs positive attention to the company and allows them to garner even more attention through things like the “100 Best Companies to Work For List” by Fortune Magazine. When the company gains this type of notoriety, corporate will strive even harder to maintain that level of culture. Lastly, these stories and rituals are what bring the culture of Wegmans to new employees. That is why Wegmans is so dedicated to making sure currently employees are sent to work at new locations. They understand that the rituals that current employees have experiences, will best be taught by people who have lived the
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