Weight Watchers

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There is nothing more potent than an idea. Presently, broadcasting an idea has never been easier and a large audience never so reachable. The Internet represents the most efficient means of mass communication – a place where information is readily available and millions can be reached with the click of a button. The incalculable enormity and accessibility of the Internet means that we are constantly bombarded with messages and ideas that are often misleading and incomplete.

The messages are often crafted to change our behaviour whether it is intentional or not. Manipulation is a designed experience crafted to change behaviour — we all know what it feels like. We’re uncomfortable when we sense someone is trying to make us do something we wouldn’t …show more content…

Yet few question the morality of Weight Watchers. But what’s the difference? Why is manipulating users through flashy advertising or addictive video games thought to be distasteful while a strict system of food rationing is considered laudable?

“Getting it right is expensive, getting it first is cheap”
Media manipulation exploits the difference between perception and reality.
This all happens because of the poor incentives. When readers don’t PAY for news, the creators of the news don’t have any loyalty to the readers either. Everything is read one off, passed around on Facebook and Twitter instead of by subscription. As a result, there is no consequence for burning anyone. Manipulators can deceive journalists because journalists are not held responsible for deceiving readers. Which leads us to ask the question: at what point does communication become manipulation? Intent distinguishes the differences between communication and manipulation.
Rise of the curated self. We may not like the digital culture that has given rise to the Curated Self, but it’s easy to see why it’s been so appealing. We all like to pretend we’re the star of a movie now and then, even if we’re not cut out for a

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