Wellness Center Essay

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I decided to go to the Wellness Center of Antioch College. I like this place because I am a very active person but this time I chose to give it a closer look.I walked to the Wellness Center and the building was not so impressive when I saw it.The place looked like a big,squared and old brick building. The building have some white windows that gave the installations a unique style.Before entering I saw a garden outside with little flowers of different colors that are attractive to the eyesight. When I entered the building my first impression was that it was a very different gym. At the entrance at the right side I found the ¨check in ¨area. I saw a young lady with the computer to assist me with everything I needed.She was very polite …show more content…

Comparing this gym to other traditional gyms this one was very quiet.The sounds were limited, I heard the bounce of the ball in the basketball court.I could hear the same pattern of a ¨greeting¨conversation in the check-in area. It was usually in a low voice but with a tone of joy of the young lady and the people getting to the gym.She would ask ¨How is your day going?¨ or when someone was about to leave she said ¨Stay warm¨. I heard the sound of the machines in the cardiovascular area but everything was overall quiet. I could hear slamming of the weights in the floor but more like a vibration and not a loud noise because of the special carpet in the weights area. I could observe that everyone cautious about making loud noises to keep a good environment for everyone around. I definitely enjoyed observing the people in the gym. Everyone entered in their sport attire with a smile on their faces and with an enthusiastic attitude.Most of the people attending the gym are elderly but I still had the opportunity to see diversity of ages in the place. It is a gym that is for everyone.I felt a sense of belonging in the place because everyone made me feel welcomed in some way. People in the cardiovascular and weight area were very focussed and sweaty because they were working out. I felt a sense that I could do any kind

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