What Does A Slave, The Atlantic Forest / Amazon?

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So, what does a slave, the Atlantic Forest/Amazon, the Great Depression, Wall Street, a parrot, a burger, and a Dutchman have anything to do with a cup of coffee? Actually, a lot!

Coffee is not native to South America. Coffee was brought by the Portuguese to Brazil. As European and American demand increased, the need for slaves to work the crops increased. Approximately 1.5 million slaves were imported at the beginning of the 19th century to work the plantations. Coffee production depended on the slaves. As industrialization grew, this dependence slowed down. By the 1920 's the coffee boom attracted immigrants. The population in Rio de Janeiro grew from 30,000 people to one million inhabitants, increasing the need for housing and agricultural land to work.

In 1929 Wall Street experienced a devastated collapse of the stock market that led to the Great Depression affecting all countries. Coffee was one of the commodities in question. Regardless, Brazil still remains the number one producer of coffee in the world.

Netherlands is today the number one consumer of coffee. Dutch people consume more coffee than anyone else in the world. The rest of the European countries and the U.S. follow the list of the highest consumers. Besides coffee, Brazil is the second largest producer of beef.

Together, coffee and cattle account for most of the deforestation of the Atlantic Forest and Amazon. Deforestation for agriculture and cattle, urbanization, human population growth, have resulted

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