What Is A Strategic Analysis Of Coca Cola

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The charge of this Case paper is to conduct a strategic analysis of the Coca-Cola Company. This analysis will identify the primary business strategy employed by the Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola Company will identify which of the four generic Porter strategies does the company follows. After these discoveries, a critical analysis evaluating the strategies identified in the context of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats you identified in the previous module. Introduction: Is analysis such as strategic analysis important? Of course it is. Strategic analysis is just a piece of an intelligent process in managing. This process conducts research on the organization and the business environment within which an organization operates. This paper will concentrate its efforts on strategic alternatives at the corporate, business, and functional levels. First, strategic choice will be defined. Then, this paper will focus on the strategic options available to companies at the business level. Companies select business strategies to obtain Sustained Competitive Advantage against competitors. First, strategic choice will be defined. Companies have resources such as financial resources, human resources, productive capacity and distribution channels at its fingertips. Strategic choices are the calculated steps a company intends to take to implement these resources. These strategic choices could include determining what products and services to sell, where

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