What Is Marketing Principles And Techniques Influence Target Audience Behaviors That Will Benefit Society?

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Social Marketing is a process that uses marketing principles and techniques to influence target audience behaviors that will benefit society, as well as the individual. In this day and age, we look to social media and the Internet as a blind spot for most consumers to be taken advantage of by companies. Some companies like Target have used the cookies from Internet searches, sales data, and social media information to detect trends of certain people. Target sent pregnancy information to a teenage girl and her parents found out she was pregnant before the girl even told her parents. Now, how was Target and other companies that do similar things able to do this? Andrew Pole, Target 's data analyst, spent many years trying to find patterns pregnant woman start developing so Target could jump on them before they even tell anyone they are pregnant (Hill, 2015).
The three keys to successful marketing are identifying, targeting, and connecting with the right audience. In today’s technological world, having a presence on social media is essential to marketing success. According to studies, more than half of the population of the United States has a profile on at least one social networking site. Marketers who do not take advantage of social media are missing out on a crucial opportunity to connect with customers, and those who do are ahead of the curve.
Mobile use is a significant part of the marketing program. A mobile user is anyone who uses a smartphone, tablet, or other

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