What Is The Future Of High School

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For the future of schooling, it is important for today’s school to start to focus on what the long term goals are instead of short term, in making sure students are ready to the big things that come after graduating from high school. For many, they feel in the upper-level classes there isn’t enough time in the school year to go through all of the information to make sure a child is ready for the next exam. The goals for a high school should always be set in stone so the students know what they should leave their building with and right now those goals aren’t clear and that needs to change for the future generations.
In this article, it is stated that the main long term purpose of high school is to better prepare students for what is to come after they complete school. Everything one is taught during school should be traced to something that will help them all face the different problem that they might have to face. There are three concepts that are important these are; acquiring important information or skills, finding the purpose of the content, and being able to apply these concepts to now and later situation they will face. Sadly, as of now with the way subject matter is being taught it is making some question if they are really getting the correct information out of school or if they are missing the main ideas. If a child is asked a question that they don’t have much background information on they are left pondering for a while and not sure how to answer the question

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