What Is The Lesson To Learn From UK Retailer's Marketing Strategy

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Lesson to Learn from UK Retailer’s Marketing Strategies

The UK has a number of great department stores. House of Fraser, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, and Selfridges are all competing for customers in relatively similar fields – they sell anything from fashion to food. For almost all these department stores, the degree-educated mother with a hefty income is the target customer. So, how do the different retailers go about marketing their brand? Here are some of the lessons to learn from the marketing strategies of big UK retailers.

Putting customer at the core

Marketing should always be based on the customer. A good marketing strategy is one in which the customer is clearly defined and analysed. This is something the UK retailers have …show more content…

Streamlining through multichannel offerings

Overall, there is a consorted effort to streamlining the marketing and sales strategies but to do this through a multichannel approach. UK retailers understand that while it’s important to have a clear idea of who the target market is and focus on speaking through a personalised channel, the widest approach is achieved through multi-platform strategy.

In 2014, Selfridges was among the first of the big retailers to launch a multichannel approach to marketing and sales. Then, the retailer overhauled its website and improved usability on different devices. But on top of that, Selfridges also included new brands, started offering more options in terms of delivery and purchase, and streamlined the way in-store and online elements worked. Speaking to Retail Gazette, the then director of Selfridges’ multichannel strategy, Simon Forester said, “We want people in the store to think about all aspects of this service, not just the channel they’re in. People may not want to buy in store, they could be coming in to see products and then order them later at home or want them sent to where they live.” All the stores now have Wi-Fi, with consumers being able to interact with advertisement and products online and in-store in real-time.

Purposeful branding

Finally, the UK retailers have all understood that in the end it is all about the brand’s purpose. No matter how well you

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