What Is The Role Of Professional Sports In The 1920's

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The NFL was established relatively close to same time the MLB was beginning, but the NFL was not quite as popular, organized, and consistent as the MLB. Professional football was a little behind in time compared to baseball considering that college football, the NCAA, officially established about the same time that the MLB did. Therefore, the NFL went through many stages of development to establish what it is today. In the beginning of professional football, in the 1920’s, the American Professional Football Association formed at a meeting in Canton where fourteen original teams joined, and Jim Thorpe was unanimously elected president because he appointed the committee of owners to actually run APFA. forty-four different franchises existed, but only four of the franchises still exist today. This shows how inconsistent franchises were, how easily they were established, and how hard it must have been to create a game schedule.
The Chicago Bears, Chicago Cardinals, Green Bay Packers, and New York Giants are the only franchises to survive over time. It was incredibly easy to start a new professional football
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I believe that this was because most of the franchises in professional football were located in small midwestern towns where the majority was not living, but college football had a lot of success because it occurred in larger towns with bigger stadiums. For example, the biggest game attendance for professional football in 1920 was 12,000 people at Decatur against Akron; however, the largest crowed for college football was Harvard against Yale which had 80,000 fans attend. On the other hand, professional baseball was building massive, expensive stadiums to hold all of its fans. So professional football was unlike a major league team because of how unpopular it was compared to
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