What Makes A Leader?

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What makes a leader? Some may say good values, environment, and role models. Others may say they are just born. I would not say I was just born a leader and I cannot say that there is just one moment that lead to all of this. There were a string of moments; accidental lessons and trainings. Overall, I do not think I ever chose to be a leader, I chose to be active and that choice is what lead me to where I am today. When creating a psychological reason for any part of someone’s personality the first place to start is often family and childhood. I am one of three and the youngest. I am considered the spoiled child. Although my sisters had a lot more than me; money, toys, outings, and clothes, I had more time with our mother and less time…show more content…
Of course, my mom and sister are not my only role models. My life is filled with authority figures, teachers, advisors, and peers who have been instrumental in building my character as a leader. As an alum of the graphic design program at the Woonsocket Area Career and Tech Center I am very partial and close to the Vice Principal and Director, William Webb. My first two years at the center Mr. Webb was my graphic design teacher. Then the following summers he was my first boss as I worked my first graphic design job as a printer for the Woonsocket Education Department. Mr. Webb taught me what it meant to be leader from the sidelines. He showed me with the presentation, practice, and patients anyone can teach a topic with minimum knowledge and anyone can lead without being seen. In my third and final year, Mr. Webb was nominated and volunteered to become VP and Director. Soon after Mr. Webb’s position was filled by one Brian Kenny, informally referred to by just his last name. During the time between them, the students were distraught. Second and Third years felt abandon by Mr. Webb. First years felt like they were missing out, only having the famous Mr. Webb for a few weeks. All together the students were sick of having random substitutes. Kenny walked in on this emotional distrust and the disorganized mess of a classroom Mr. Webb left behind with only a little fear. This was Kenny’s greatest lesson, instead of
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