What Would You Do If A Friend?

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What would you do if a friend asked you to forsake your values? Recently, a friend of mine, Cheryl, did just that by presenting me with an ethical dilemma, requesting me to lie and support her abortion decision. We had been friends for years; in fact I introduced her to her boyfriend Mike, also a friend of mine. She and I had previously bonded over our shared beliefs that life begins at conception. My friend Cheryl has just found out that she is pregnant. I understand she is scared because she and Mike are still very young and in school, but I was shocked when she asked me not to tell Mike and go with to an abortion clinic to terminate the pregnancy. I wondered how she could even think that way; it 's the opposite of everything we believed in. Cheryl 's said being in this situation is exceedingly different than just thinking about it, it 's not that simple. She feels that Mike would want to keep the baby and she can 't see how they 'll finish school and raise a child. My gut reaction says this is all wrong, but I cannot make a decision without considering the options and who will be affected: Myself, Mike, Cheryl and the Baby.
What if I tell Mike what 's happened, and still go with Cheryl to the clinic regardless of how I feel, I 'm still her friend. If I 'm honest with Mike and tell him about the situation, he will have a chance to talk things over with Cheryl and I won 't need to lie. I think he would be grateful to know the truth, yet my interference could be their end.

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