What issues and challenges is the use of social network monitoring supposed to solve or address at

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Social enterprise seeks to change three dimensions of firms: involvement, transparency, and velocity of change. The idea is to use social networking platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, as well as blogs, collaboration environments, and YouTube, to tighten the communication links among consumers, employees, and suppliers and thereby increase their emotional involvement in the firm and the creation of value. In short, everyone involved in value creation within a firm will be more tightly connected to others. Customers will provide feedback on products and services on a social network, and these comments will be read by employees and managers. These are the very people who can make changes to products and improve on them, …show more content…

C om: t he e merging s o C ial e nterprise 2 continued SUMMARY is the leading provider of enterprise cloud-computing applications with 2011 revenues of $1.6 billion. It provides a comprehensive customer and collaboration relationship management, or CRM, service to businesses of all sizes and industries worldwide and a technology platform for customers and developers to build and run business applications. Recently they have made a number of acquisitions of social technology firms and now offer cloud-based social enterprise services to their primary customers such as Toyota, Gatorade, and Groupon. Salesforce is building private social networks for large corporations and their customers. In addition, is attempting to transform itself into a social enterprise. Comcast (the second largest cable television network operator in the United States) has also begun to use social platforms like Twitter to respond to customers, a first step in the process of becoming a social enterprise. CASE Social enterprise (also “social business”) refers to efforts by business firms to integrate social media and social computing tools into their enterprises. The hope is that new social tools and technologies will more closely integrate the firm with its customers, suppliers, and employees, resulting in greater productivity, stronger brands, more innovation, and faster time to market. Today many firms are rushing to implement social

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