Who Is Associate Degree Or Bachelor Degree?

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When making the decision to become a nurse there are more choices you will come across that need to be made. You can become a registered nurse in two ways; an associate degree or bachelor degree. These two options are available for one that would want to work as a registered nurse after passing your nursing boards. Some things may play a part in your decision. How much time you have for school may play a big part in your decision. Associate’s degree is a two-year program after you complete a list of pre-required courses while the bachelor degree can range between three to four years after the pre-required courses. Money is probably the main reason one will choose and associate’s degree rather than a bachelor’s because you can obtain an associates while attending a community college. Either one you choose, there will be differences in job availability, competencies, and an overall difference in the way you care and decision make for your patients.
Associate degree in nursing was started in 1952 to assist with the increase in nursing demands and nurse shortage. They find that Associate degree could give enough training and general education for nurses to be successful and prepared enough for environments such as community hospitals and long term care settings. Bachelor degrees in nursing have up to 2 additional years on the associate’s. Bachelor degrees have been available since 1909. When acquiring an BSN, facilities will also give you more opportunity in career advancement.…
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