Who Is The Most Important Philosophy?

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Perspective is everything. Before I die I want to leave you with what I believe is the most important philosophy in life. I’ve learned a lot throughout my many years, and wish I had known what I know now, when I was younger. We dictate our own lives. We get to choose how we want to interpret the curve balls life throws at us. As humans, most of us are on the pursuit of happiness. It is believed that it’s human nature to want to be happy, but this is a very vague statement. For some people, being happy is a job that requires constant effort to be obtained. But perspective is absolutely the key to everything. It can make acquiring happiness a more obtainable goal. Taking different perspectives changes the individual. Taking a step back, and looking at a situation from a new perspective can be a life altering decision. It gives you a more realistic and understanding outlook on any circumstance. If you make the effort to search for the best in a given situation, you are going to be more content in general. But if you’re negative, and search for the worst in a given situation, nothing will ever seem sufficient enough for you, and you will always be unsatisfied. It’s all up to you, you choose what perspective you want to take any any situation life presents to you.
I have reaped both the benefits and the disadvantages of taking positive and negative perspectives. A few years ago my house burnt down in a wildfire in San Diego. It was an extremely horrific situation. Everyone was

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