Why Are Visual Aids Important In A Presentation

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I. Theory 1. Why are visual aids crucial in a presentation? Visual aids are crucial in a presentation because visual aids often generate a clearer impression and more memorable rather than just words spoken. Presentation with images or videos can make your presentation more interesting and not tedious. And human more easily understand something through visualizing rather than listening. Studies in Harvard and Columbia said that doing a presentation with visual aids can increase 14%-39% college student's memory rather than doing a presentation without any visual aids. 2. How to describe graphs and charts? Graphs and charts help people to understand about the data easily. The audience will easily understand about what the speaker is talking about if the speaker using graphs and charts. In order…show more content…
How to Handle Q&A? Q & A is one session that always held in a presentation. Question and answer session is intended to help the audience to more understand about the topics that has already conveyed by the speaker. However, often the question and answer session makes us afraid. We are afraid of not being able to answer the questions properly. Here are some tips about how to handle Q & A session: 1.) Prepare Before you do a presentation, make sure you have prepared about the Q and A session. Make a list of questions that you anticipate might come out from the audiences about the topic you will talk about and try to answer all of them properly. You must prepare the answers of the questions that you can answer in your presentation and the questions that you don’t want to answer. 2.) Listen Listen to the audience’s question carefully. Therefore, it’s easier to understand about the question. This will be the foundation for giving the best answer to the questions asked by the audience. 3.) Pause for a moment to think Take a pause and think about what is the best way to answer the question. This will gives you more opportunities to prepare the best answer. 4.) Repeat the
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